Chief Architect,CEO
— Katerina Andreeva
We make intelligent, elegant projects filled with happiness and creative solutions.
Create an environment that matches the ambitions and aspirations of our customers. In the projects we use furniture of our own productions.
This approach emphasizes a unique style and guarantees compliance
with deadlines.
We pay great attention to the beauty of natural finishings and a complex combination of interesting textures. The emphasis on the beauty of materials created by nature in concise forms of furniture and decorative coverings provides a sense of space.
Every day we look for the new inspirational ideas in the aesthetics of the works of the great design names, in modern and traditional art, in the clean lines and interesting textures of couture fabrics, in the proportions and combinations of volumes of architectural masterpieces, in bright colors and shades of nature, to create unique interiors filled with a sense of style and interesting details.
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